Hackers Obtain HBO Data in Latest Cyberattack

“A group of hackers claims to have stolen the script for a forthcoming Game of Thrones episode and other data in a breach at entertainment firm HBO”


Another day, another cyberattack – this time currency comes in the form of spoiler alerts with the office-hot-topic ‘Game of Thrones’ being one of the targets. For the general public who get their hands on the latest episode early, this may not seem like much of a misfortune. However, certainly for HBO and people within the cybersecurity industry, this is another alarming cyber incident that highlights the gaps in IT security for even enterprise companies.


Said ‘gaps’ come in the form of strategy and how many organisations are approaching their security with a focus on detection and mitigation, rather than prevention. This reactive approach to cyberattacks can be costly and ineffective, complicates security and operations and creates inherent gaps in security posture.


The ability to prevent sophisticated attacks stems from applying a few core principles:


Maintain Security Hygiene

Withstanding solid security hygiene across all IT systems will condense the attack surface and can help prevent or contain many attacks.


  • Apply up-to-date security patches across all systems and software
  • Segment your network
  • Review security products policies and continuously monitor incident logs and alerts
  • Conduct routine audits and penetration testing
  • Keep user privileges to a minimum


Choose Prevention Over Detection

Don’t settle for detection – attacks, even sophisticated and zero-day ones, can be blocked! Invest in technologies and products that put prevention rather than detection at the forefront, and that do so without disrupting the normal business flow.


Leverage a Complete Unified Architecture

Many companies attempt to build their security using a patchwork of products from multiple vendors. This approach usually has limited success: it results in disjointed technologies that do not collaborate – creating security gaps, and it introduces a huge overhead of working with multiple systems and vendors. As a result of this inefficient approach many attacks are not prevented, forcing companies to invest more on post-infection and breach mitigation.

To achieve excellent security, you should adopt a unified multi-layer approach that protects all IT elements – networks, endpoint, cloud and mobile – all sharing the same prevention architecture and the same threat intelligence.


Cover All Attack Vectors

Attackers use many malicious behaviours to penetrate – through email, web browsing, mobile apps, manipulating unpatched vulnerabilities in online hosts and more.

Seek a single solution that can cover all bases, one that provides a broad prevention across all surfaces of attack.


Implement The Most Advanced Technologies

Advanced technologies available such as machine learning, sandbox, anomaly detection, content disarmament and numerous others. Each of these methods can be highly effective in certain scenarios, covering specific file types or attack vectors.

Strong solutions integrate a wide range of technologies and innovations, in order to effectively combat modern attacks in our IT environments.



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